Sholl follows in family’s footsteps

Lachlan Sholl was born in March, 2000 with football in his blood and Navy Blue running through his veins.

He’s a by-product of his father Brett who played 35 games for the Carlton Football Club in the early 1990s, including the 1993 Grand Final loss.

The likes of Chris Judd, Kade Simpson, Eddie Betts, Marc Murphy and Bryce Gibbs were some of Lachlan’s childhood heroes with posters of Blues idols adorning the footy-mad youngster’s bedroom wall.

Fast-forward 18 years, he is happy to point out he is now a ‘former’ Carlton supporter after landing in Adelaide via pick No.64 in November’s national draft.

One of the biggest thrills upon arrival to West Lakes was sharing a locker room with the likes of Betts and Gibbs, who were suddenly new teammates.

“It was crazy, being a Carlton fan all those boys that played for Carlton, you watch a lot of them growing up,” he said.

“Even the Adelaide players as I started getting older watching footy in general, going into the same locker room as all the players it was pretty surreal.

“It was unreal to be able to meet them all.”

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Ever since he first picked up a footy, Lachlan’s dad Brett has been by his side.

“Dad has been my coach or main guidance in footy ever since I started and is definitely a big reason why I’m the footballer I am,” he said.

“I’m able to draw on his experience.”

And his dad isn’t the only Sholl to have played AFL football, with uncles Craig and Brad Sholl playing 406 games between them for North Melbourne and Geelong.

“Brad and Craig live in country Victoria now so I don’t see them that often but they also have been very supportive of everything I’ve done,” he said.

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He may have moved to a whole new city to play for a whole new club, but Lachlan said he felt right at home at the Crows.

 “My first day was more of a tour around the Club, getting to meet players, meet staff and get familiar with the facilities even though that’ll take me weeks to get fully right,” he said.

“Watching them train, who sticks around and does extra work, who likes to get on the track early, things like that.

“We went out to dinner with a few of the players and staff, it’s been a really good couple of days here so far.”

Source: Adelaide Crows website

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