AFL Betting

As a new AFL season kicks off, you best be getting ready to place your bets. Just as AFL is a huge part of Australian culture, tipping a winner for each game in each round is a huge part of the footy culture, along with that comes all important bragging rights. This is a way to bring mates together in friendly rivalry, place a winning bet on your favourite team, and hopefully pick up a few extra bucks along the way.

There are plenty of things to think about before you place what you hope will be a winning bet. For instance, you need to take into consideration the bookies favourite as the team with the shortest odds is generally most likely to win.

Then there is also the home side advantage to factor in. The team playing on their home ground will be more familiar with the surface of the grounds and the surroundings so they have a better chance, generally speaking. Don’t forget about the premiership points as well. The higher a team is on the ladder, the more likely punters are to back them so you should too.

The current form of a team says a lot about how they’re playing. A winning streak is typically favourable to punters whereas a losing streak suggests they might not be up to the mark. But don’t forget about injuries as well. Once a key player is out injured, it changes the chances of winning drastically.

Pay close attention to your teams when it comes to tipping. Betting on the winner isn’t always easy, but the rewards are always worth it. Especially the bragging right around your mates!


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