Collingwood’s Ben Reid ready to roll in round one

Collingwood is happy with the progress Ben Reid has made so far in the preseason and believes he’ll be ready to suit up for the AFL team in the first round of action in the 2015 campaign. The 2014 season was ruined for the big man due to a series of soft-tissue problems. He then suffered from quad and calf problems in the offseason and was sent by the club to see doctors in Germany. He said he’s been in great shape since the Christmas break as he’s been working hard to prepare for the season opener. When in Germany, the specialist told Reid that his soft tissue problems were originating in his back.

Neil Balme, the football manager of Collingwood, recently told the media that he was encouraged by Reid’s progress. He stated, “He is doing a reasonable amount of work. He looks pretty good. I don’t think we have got to the stage of even deciding about NAB Cup. It’s a matter of how he trains and when he’s ready to go but we are pretty confident he will be fine by round one. We are quite pleased.” This is good news for Collingwood fans who want to back their team with a BetEasy AFL Head to Head Bet for the club’s curtain-raiser.

Reid visited Dr Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt in Germany, who is the club doctor physician for German Bundesliga soccer team Bayern Munich. He’s also treated other top athletes such as sprinter Usain Bolt and NBA basketball star Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers. Reid, an All-Australian in 2011, managed to appear in just four contests with the senior side last year because of the soft tissue problem and that may have affected bettors’ choices in the BetEasy AFL Head to Head Bet markets. His trip to Munich lasted for eight days and he started training shortly after returning to Australia.

When he returned from Germany Reid told the media, “To get over there and see Dr Wohlfahrt was a really good experience and I have definitely taken a few things away from it. He sat me down for two or three hours on my first day and got to know me and went through all of my history with injuries, what sort of soft-tissues I’ve had. He gave me his ideas of why it’s happening which we took on board. He says he sees it pretty regularly, the stuff I had, which gave me a bit of confidence as well.”

The German doctor confirmed that Reid’s problems stemmed from his back after studying his spine X-ray. The Collingwood player is now making sure he takes proper care of his back to keep the problem from returning. With Reid in the lineup this year Collingwood fans can feel more confident when backing their club with a BetEasy AFL Head to Head Bet.


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