Giants’ Jeremy Cameron back to full health

Forward Jeremy Cameron of the Greater Western Sydney Giants revealed that he thought his serious ear injury of last year was going to spell the end of his AFL career. Cameron sustained the injury during a round-six match against Gold Coast and then underwent surgery to correct the problem. Incredibly, he was back in the lineup a week later when the Giants took on Port Adelaide. The 21-year-old recently spoke about the injury and admitted he thought it could have been more serious. Cameron is ready to play though and could be worth backing in the BetEasy AFL Best and Fairest market.

Cameron remarked, “A specialist put me in a booth and tested me and said you probably shouldn’t play the game again. He said ‘I’ve seen people with better ears than yours is right now and they can’t balance at all for the rest of their lives’. “It was a massive shock. It was pretty hard to sit there and absorb that. It could have been over, as simple as that. It doesn’t matter what sport it is; cricket, tennis or golf, whatever it is, if you can’t balance, you can’t play.”

The injury occurred in late July when Cameron received a heavy blow to the head during the first quarter against the Suns in the match at Metricon Stadium. However, the doctors eventually cleared him to play and he returned to action as soon as possible. The youngster figured that getting hit in the ear was just a part of the game, but was surprised to find out that his eardrum was completely blown out. He said one of his ears was ringing and he couldn’t hear out of the other one, so he was more or less deaf for a brief period of time. But according to the player, his balance wasn’t affected and that’s why he was able to play again a week later.

In fact, he returned to the field just four days after the surgeon inserted an artificial eardrum into his ear. “The damage was to the inner ear where the small bones are,” he stated. “The fluid in there should have leaked but somehow it didn’t and that’s why I was OK and played the next week.” Cameron struggled slightly last year after being named an All Australian in 2013. He played just 14 games due to an ankle injury early on, but still managed 29 goals. If he stays healthy this year he could be a good choice for the BetEasy AFL Best and Fairest wager.

He said his ankles gave him problems last campaign, but the left one was worse because it’s his kicking foot. Cameron remarked that the doctors put screws in his foot and scraped some of the bone because the ankle kept jamming on him during games. The club then felt it was best for Cameron to finish his season early and concentrate on getting back to full health. He added, “I could have struggled on for the rest of the year, but that would have set back this preseason. Because I’ve had the surgery done early, I was able to do my rehabilitation before Christmas and went home like everyone else.”

No matter which AFL team and players you support, this is a good time to decide who you’d like to back when it comes to the BetEasy AFL Best and Fairest wager for the upcoming 2015 season.

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