Adelaide’s Brad Crouch looking forward to season

Adelaide Crows’ youngster Brad Crouch has recovered from a bout of injuries and is looking forward to giving the AFL squad his best in the upcoming 2015 campaign. Crouch hasn’t missed a training session yet and doesn’t plan to as he claims to be in top shape. The player suffered an Achilles tendon injury in preseason last year and then sustained a broken leg in the second round of the season, which forced him to the sidelines for the next three months. It certainly frustrated him after finishing the 2013 NAB AFL Rising Star Award voting as runner up. The Crows and Crouch can be backed this season via the BetEasy AFL Bonus Bet.

The 21-year-old midfielder has all of the physical and mental tools to stand out in the AFL and claimed that he’s looking forward to improving this year. Crouch recently told the press,

“I’m sweet at the moment. I’ve done every session so far – it’s been a little bit different to my first three pre-seasons. Now, in comparison to last season, my fitness is a lot higher. This time last season I was just starting to run again. It’s crucial, especially once the games roll around – that’s when you get the biggest benefit.”

But while Crouch is feeling fine and healthy, Matt, his 19-year-old brother, can’t say the same thing as he underwent surgery on his ankle prior to Christmas. Matt appeared in eight senior contests last year in his debut season, but didn’t play alongside his brother until the 23rd round. Matt is still recovering from his injury, but both of the Crouch brothers believe they’ll have the chance to play a few more games together in 2015. There are plenty of wagering options to choose from this campaign with the BetEasy AFL Bonus Bet.

Brad stated that Matt was obviously disappointed after suffering the ankle injury because he started to hit his stride at the end of last term. He added that he still expects his brother to push hard for a regular spot on the roster during the preseason under new head coach Phil Walsh. Assistant coach David Teague is also looking forward to the season and has told his players that they need to improve on their mid-table finish. He’s been working the squad hard in practice sessions to make sure they aren’t just going through the motions.

Crouch believes the additional hard work and all of the renewed enthusiasm will pay off for the side once the games get underway. He stated that the training sessions are a lot more intense this year and hopefully the team can replicate that energy during their matches. Not all of the news was good though, as forward Riley Knight recently suffered an ankle injury and is wearing a moonboot while it heals. Knight developed well as a player last year and the club believes he may make his debut this year. Meanwhile, the 19-year-old will undergo medical scans to see just how badly damaged his ankle is. The BetEasy AFL Bonus Bet is available this season for fans and punters alike as they wager on their favourites.

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