Luke Darcy has faith in Bulldogs’ Ayce Cordy

Luke Darcy, the former skipper of the Western Bulldogs, is confident that Ayce Cordy can still have a good career with the club even though the ruckman has appeared in just 20 matches over six years. Both Cordy and Darcy ended up with the Bulldogs as Dogs as father-son recruits. But apart from that, the two don’t really have that much in common, at least as AFL players. Darcy, a former All Australian, played in 226 contests during his 14-year career while Cordy has struggled. This shouldn’t hold Bulldogs’ fans back though when taking advantage of the BetEasy AFL Bonus Bet.

Cordy’s contract with the club will expire at the end of the 2015 campaign, but Darcy believes he still has a future with the outfit. Darcy stated to, “I still have a really strong faith in what Ayce can do. He’s had a huge amount of bad luck and significant injuries, but he’s been through that now, he played a lot of games in the VFL last year and he’s starting to get some continuity in his footy. But it’s a massive 12 months coming up for him, and there comes a point where you have to play enough good football and prove to yourself you can be a really good AFL player.”

Even though Cordy played well over 20 games in the VFL last year he played just one game with the senior side when he was called up in round 20 for a match against St Kilda. Darcy claims a healthy Cordy now has to prove how good he is if he hopes to re-sign with the Bulldogs. The former captain said a good ruckman needs to be able to run well, cover ground all over the field, and be strong at ground level. He added that the modern ruckman also needs to compete as hard as possible and be aggressive and listed Shane Mumford as a prime example. Many fans will be following Mumford’s side when using their BetEasy AFL Bonus Bet.

Darcy went on to remark that Cordy can succeed at the senior level if he incorporates all of these aspects in his game. The former player believes Cordy possesses all of the physical skills needed, but he just needs to put it all together and become more aggressive. With new head coach Luke Beveridge in charge of the Bulldogs Darcy believes the club is headed towards a fine 2015 season. He claimed the team might not be able to win a dozen games, but he expects them to be vastly improved over last year and to surprise a lot of fans with their play. This should come as good news to punters who will be backing the Bulldogs with their BetEasy AFL Bonus Bet.

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