Troy Menzel thrives under pressure

AFL Forward Troy Menzel of Carlton said he loves playing the game when the pressure’s on and always wants the ball in situations when everything’s on the line. He recently spoke to and admitted that he enjoys taking control of things in tense moments rather than shying away from the ball. The third-year player proved he could handle the games’ big moments last season by often shining in them. One of his best moments occurred in the sixth round when he booted the game winner at Etihad Stadium in a match against West Coast. To keep up to date on all of this year’s action follow BetEasy AFL information.

in the contest against West Coast, the score was level at 86 points after 24 minutes of the last quarter. Menzel gathered the ball from a teammate’s long kick and then sidestepped an opponent before booting the ball on the half-volley through the uprights from 30 metres out. Menzel also enjoyed telling moments against Adelaide in round 10 and again in a draw against Essendon in round 23. Menzel led his side to a comeback with a couple of timely goals after trailing by 30 points in the third quarter. Fans may have read about Menzel’s exploits last season at BetEasy AFL information.

Brad Green, the forward coach of Carlton, said that Menzel appears to be shy off of the field, but his personality changes once the games start. He stated, “At face value you can think he’s quiet and shy, but there’s an underbelly that he knows his game and he feels that out on the field is his domain, and that’s where he gets his confidence. You wouldn’t call it white-line fever, but once he gets out on the field he’s very confident in the way he plays.”

Menzel appeared in 19 matches in 2014 and kicked 26.13. it was a relief for the player who had to battle injuries during his first year in the league when he played in just seven senior contests. The native of South Australia said his confidence has grown quite a bit due to his performances when games were on the line last year. He remarked that his goal in 2014 was to stay healthy, have a good preseason and play as much football for the senior squad as he could.

The forward accomplished that and his heroics saw his confidence grow with each passing match. Menzel has been injury-free during this year’s preseason and he’s been working hard to get into peak condition. Menzel joined Carlton following the national draft in 2012, but went through hip and groin problems during his first couple of pre-seasons. He’s now trying to improve his fitness and hopes he’ll be able to play in the midfield at some point in 2015. To keep track of his progress fans can follow BetEasy AFL information.

Menzel was a midfielder in junior football and prefers that position. However, Carlton’s coaching staff may not be as anxious to see him play there since he’s so dangerous as a forward. He’s been doing some extra training this preseason with Matthew Capuano, the team’s ruck coach, in hopes of becoming harder for the opposition to mark him. Green stated that he certainly believes Menzel still has a lot to offer the squad from his forward position.

The coach remarked, “He’s a mid-forward but he’s got class. He’s one of those players who only needs a couple of kicks and he can create a goal out of nothing. If you put someone bigger and stronger on him he’ll beat them on the ground, if you put someone a little bit smaller on him he can beat them on one on one. He’s a very good player.” AFL fans can keep up to date on all of the league’s news stories in 2015 by checking out BetEasy AFL information.

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