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Listed on the UK Stock Exchange, and a member of the FTSE 250 Index, Ladbrokes is now the largest retail bookmaker in the world. From its humble beginnings – the company was set up in 1886 solely for horses trained at Ladbroke Hall in Worcestershire, England – Ladbrokes gained an exclusive reputation by drawing its clientele purely from the upper classes and aristocracy of British society, before opening its doors to all and sundry in the middle of the last century. It now boasts over a million customers in the UK alone, and fast becoming a favourite among Aussie punters, Ladbrokes has a strong presence across the globe.

Ladbrokes Game On AFL
Ladbrokes, an AFL Betting “must have”

A relative newcomer into the Australian betting market, Ladbrokes arrived on these shores in 2013, after purchasing Brisbane-based, which itself had only launched the previous year. Both companies now run side by side, offering identical odds and markets, with the respective websites having a similar look and feel, the Ladbrokes site is specifically designed for the Australian market and Aussie punters, which isn’t always the case with new, foreign entrants. It is worth noting that the free offers, bonus bets and sign up promotions available, differ between and, so it’s worth having accounts with both to snap up the best offers available, we’ve noticed Ladbrokes sometimes test promotions with first.

Ladbrokes has a reputation for innovative offers and benefits and is at the forefront of this in the Australian online betting space. Ladbrokes were the first Australian bookmaker to launch and operate a loyalty card and points system and was the first within Australia to offer its customers instant access to their winnings via an ATM via their Visa Cash Card, ideal if you’re on the move or betting out of hours.

Finally, Ladbrokes was the first betting company in Australia to Launch a product utilising the Apple Watch, in 2015. Although this device is not, a primary online betting platform, it goes to show that being the first to launch products is at the top of Ladbrokes company goals. If you’re after the “next best thing in betting” join Ladbrokes worth being a member for to always be able to test new products, what’s more, get an exclusive Bonus Bet when you sign-up to Ladbrokes below.

Ladbrokes AFL Betting

As you would expect from such a strong player in the Australian market, Ladbrokes coverage of AFL is comprehensive. Each footy match is covered by over 200 markets ensuring no possible scenario is left out.

Ladbrokes often have $2.00 lines and AFL specials including the ultimate offer for punters, $2.00 favourites, which is certainly a profitable option for several rounds, if you can get on.

Within the AFL betting space Ladbrokes were the first in Australia to release all of the odds for every single round of the entire AFL season, before the season starts. Ladbrokes is a fantastic bookie for all of your AFL betting needs and makes sense to be in your top selections when placing a bet on AFL. The most popular AFL betting markets on Ladbrokes include:

Quarter by quarter leaderTake full advantage of the four quarter format
Highest quarter/half scoreSpeaks for itself, surely
First/Last scoring playCan be broken down quarter by quarter, giving you more options
A very comprehensive winning margin market49 different options for each team, allowing you to be as brave as you want
Odd/EvenFor those of you who simply want to roll a dice, why not bet on whether the total points scored will be odd or even?
Pair AFL with NFL BetsIf you’re lucky enough to know more than just your AFL, it gives you the option to do doubles involving multiple footy codes, AFL and NFL matches, great for a double header.
Ladbrokes Cash Card AFL - Your Dosh In A Dash

Ladbrokes Official Website Screenshot interfaceIt’s hard not to be impressed by the Ladbrokes website. As mentioned above, those familiar with the site will instantly recognise the functionality and features. It not only looks good, it runs smoothly, and loads very quickly. The layout is logical, and the whole process from browsing to choosing a market, to placing a bet is intuitive.

The left-hand side of the screen is where you choose your sport. The number of active betting markets are displayed next to the name of the sport. Once you’ve chosen, the active markets are displayed on the main body of the page, with once again the number of live markets being displayed. One more click and you are into that particular match. It does make you wonder why some sites make it so complicated.

Ladbrokes - AFL Betting and Betting Cash Card The betting slip is equally as straightforward and intuitive. One feature we really like, it gives you the option of instead of entering your stake, you type in how much you would like to win, and then it works out how much you have to put down.

For those of you who find even this far too laborious, Ladbrokes very kindly provide you with a Quickbet feature. This enables you to place a bet in just three clicks, missing out the betting slip together.

Other features, displayed along the top of the site include a Blog, a Tipping competition, a How To guide and a link to all their current Promotions. If you’re keen to chance your arm in the political or entertainment markets, you will find these, among others under the Novelty tab. Ladbrokes prides itself on its customer service, and this is also where you will find a link to Contact them should you have a problem, or need any further help. We have to confess we’ve never had to.

Ladbrokes Mobile App

Ladbrokes Mobile App free downloadAfter such a slick and polished website it would be disappointing if their mobile app – free to download for both Apple and Android devices – didn’t follow suit, and luckily for you, it doesn’t disappoint. They haven’t tried to reinvent the wheel and those used to their website will quickly get to grips with its intuitive and smooth navigation.
To get the exclusive offers on this website, you must sign-up in your mobile or desktop browser FIRST, then download the app using the login you create via that, otherwise, you’ll miss out on the exclusive bonus deal or free bet offers you signed up under.

Once downloaded, the app will allow you to do everything you did on the website proper, including place bets, with the additional feature that it will send you notifications of their weekly free bet promotions, as well as other offers involving up and coming AFL matches.

All in all, Ladbrokes is a welcome addition to the Australian bookmaking arena, and especially in relation to AFL, and it looks like there’s no reason for it not to continue to gain ground from its more established – locally at least, rivals.


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