Punt Clubs

A favourite tradition amongst the favourite sport of Aussies across the country is AFL tipping. Having a guess at who’s going to be in the top 8 or take out the premiership is something that happens in all corners of the country. Picking the winner of each AFL round happens in schools to workplaces to community centres and creates friendly rivalry amongst friends, family, neighbours, and colleagues.

A new way to engage in tipping in the AFL is through a punt club. Punt clubs are a fun way that you can get your friends, family members, or coworkers together online in a safe and fun tipping competition. With punt clubs, you can manage all the funds online through a trusted app or website and keep tabs on everything. Rather than collecting up those dollar coins for everyone wanting to pitch in for the tipping, it can be done online so that no one actually has to handle the money.

Even better, you can keep track of who’s winning the tipping competition with your punt club. This way there can be no dispute that any one is rigging the results! All you need for a punt club is to register with a trusted website and gather some mates for the tipping action. Of course, you’ll need to stay informed with the AFL competition and make sure you’re in the know of which team is dominating the top 8 of the ladder. A punt club is a new way to bring everyone together in the spirit of AFL tipping.


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