2015 Brownlow Medal up for grabs

The Australian Football League’s Brownlow Medal is officially named the Charles Brownlow Trophy and is handed out to the league’s fairest and best player for the season. The votes for the winner are handed in after each match by the field umpires. The Brownlow Medal is regarded as the most prestigious individual award in the league and the highest honour a player can win. You can back your favourites for the 2015 season with the BetEasy AFL Brownlow Medal Bonus Bet.

The medal originated in the VFL (Victorian Football League) and it’s named after Charles Brownlow, who was a former player with Geelong Football Club back in the late 1800s. He became the club’s secretary after retiring and then went on to become the president of the VFL from 1918 to 1919. To determine the year’s winner, the game’s three field umpires award three votes to the best player of the game, two to the second-best performer and one to the third-best. The player with the most votes at the end of the campaign is then awarded with the trophy. AFL fans get into the action every year by trying to predict the winner via the BetEasy AFL Brownlow Medal Bonus Bet.

The voting system differed slightly in the past as just one vote was given after a game up until 1930. The current system was adopted following the 1930 campaign and the VFL brought in a second field umpire in 1976 with both of them voting. That method was changed in 1978 and now the umpires confer and hand in just one set of votes. The rules were altered again in 1980 and if there’s a tie in voting at the end of the season then each player receives a medal. This makes the BetEasy AFL Brownlow Medal Bonus Bet quite interesting indeed.

If there was a tie in voting, up until 1930 the medal winner was the one who had appeared in the fewest games for the season. Starting in 1931 the player who garnered the most three-vote matches won the award if there was a tie. If the votes were still equal then the player who had the most two-vote games got the nod. Even with the tiebreakers in place, Herbie Matthews and Des Fothergill were still level in 1940 and the league kept the original Brownlow Medal and handed replicas to the two players.

Since the medal is given to the fairest and best player, anybody who is suspended during the season is ineligible to win it no matter how many votes he may have received. However, umpires can still vote for players who have been suspended during the season if they feel they were the game’s best players. In addition, the AFL operates on a demerit point system in which rule breakers are awarded demerit points for unfair play. Anybody who accrues over 100 points becomes ineligible for the medal.

This means some players become ineligible even though they may not have received a suspension. Players are still eligible for the award though if they are suspended during the preseason or the finals and if they serve last-year’s suspension in the current season. There have been occasions where ineligible players have received the most Brownlow Medal votes, but were ineligible to win. Fans and bettors should keep this in mind when backing their favourite with the BetEasy AFL Brownlow Medal Bonus Bet.

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